I Would Give You The Bottom Of My Cornetto Cone!


‘How do I look in this PJ? *poses like a VS model’

‘I think I kinda like him! You think he likes me?’

‘My life’s ruined!! Ughhh!! *blows nose noisily’

Do these sound familiar? Been using them throughout your life to converse with that one person?

We all know that there is only one person more important in our lives other than Mr. Right! 😉

Well, it definitely has to be our crazy girl pal aka BESTIE ❤

large (1)

I’d say there is no way we could go through life if it weren’t for this dose of crazily insane & fun-loving bestie!

Here are the reasons why every girl needs a bestie for life:

  • She’d accept you with all your flaws  

Everyone’s not perfect. We have our own flaws, but the challenge is to find someone who’d accept you for who you really are. A bestie is someone who’d do just that. Embrace you even with your flaws and help you grow. You could be yourself around her. No faking needed.                                                                                     


  • You just can’t be sad around her             

A bestie could make you smile even during the toughest of times. She’d transform into a cheerleader and you’ll never have a dull moment.


  • She knows what you’ll do before you do it          

She understands you to the core.                                                                       Best-30-Minions-Best-Friend-Quotes-Best-friends

  • She’s your partner-in-crime! 😉


  • You can share your darkest deepest secret only with her…


  • You could act crazily-insane with her and she wouldn’t judge! 


  • Only person you could take crazy selfies with 😜


  • She’s your personal photographer


  • She’s your lifeguard  

Broken bone or a broken heart? Doesn’t matter, your bestie is there to your rescue with a box of tissues and ice cream! She would even plot a revenge or at least pretend to just make you feel better 🙂                                                                                                                 gif-17

  • Only She can bring you out of your comfort zone.


  • You always have a good time with her…even when there is absolutely nothing to do.


  • She would always covers for you. No judgement or questions asked!


Friendship is an interesting kind of love. There is no legal contract that binds you two. There is no unspoken rule about loving each other unconditionally or a set of rules and regulations that one has to follow.

large (3)

But there are many reasons why our friendship is so valuable.

Even when you’re angry with the entire world, there’s always one person who gets spared and that’s your best friend.


She loves you for all your moods, your personality, your attitudes and for everything that makes you who YOU are! 💕

She will forever serve as a reminder of all the fun you had, how close you were and the girl you once were.

Cheers to all the besties out there! 👭



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6 thoughts on “I Would Give You The Bottom Of My Cornetto Cone!

  1. am glad i hv a bestie wud actully gv d bttm of hr cornetto 2 meee #hello kitty
    naaaice 1 shynn!! n yeah jst as ruZy said-v need a post on hw awsum cuZinZ r!!! luv u cuZin ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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