MABROC Bubble Tea – Review


News Alert!

Bubble Tea has taken over Colombo by storm! 

Thanks to the many bubble tea spots popping up around the city!

And the latest addition to the Bubble Tea outlets is at the Liberty Plaza food court-MABROC Bubble Tea.


The bubble tea from here is pretty good, with exciting flavors and a variety on the menu, using natural tea as the base which is quite impressive.!

So here’s my take on MABROC Bubble Tea!

Ambiance: 4/5


This place stands outs with vibrant colors, décor, bar stools and the tables with pearly beads rolling around under it. Mabroc has a cubicle-like seating area with limited seating, but that is not really an issue because the food court itself has ample seating space.

Service: 4.5/5

The staff at Mabroc are friendly and efficient. Our order was ready real fast which just made the bubble tea experience a wonderful one!

The menu: 5/5 


They have a wide range of flavors on offer. There were 6 categories to choose from.
Bubble Classics
A range of milk, chocolate, tiramisu and toffee teas either hot or cold
Contains chewy tapioca balls.

Bubble Fruiteas
Contains fruit flavours blended with black and berry teas.
Contains popping bubbles.

Bubble Snow
Crushed ice mixed with a dynamic blend of fruity teas. Ideal to beat the heats in Colombo!

Bubble Shakes
A range of flavored teas assorted with milk.
Contains chewy tapioca balls

Bubble Herbyz
A unique selection of ayurvedic herbal teas. (If you are health conscious this range is for you.)

Bubble Cubs
These were especially for kids. An assortment of milk teas that’s served with visually appealing shaped jellies.

The drinks were very reasonably priced at Rs. 250 and Rs. 280 for a regular and large sized drink respectively.

What we ordered:


Of the classic we ordered Toffee Bubble Tea. The warm toffee flavor in your mouth with surprising tapioca balls that come with each sip was a pure bliss.  It was an interesting choice. We just loved how perfectly the toffee and milk tea flavors were combined!  The quality of the tapioca is good- chewy and fun to eat!


We then tried Strawberry and Mango Bubble Tea shakes. They come with a combination of milk and tea we were told. But we really didn’t taste much tea in it. The shakes weren’t overpoweringly sweet, but very creamy and super cool!

The Bubble Fruiteas were an ultimate mood fixer with popping bubbles (with thick fruity flavored liquid inside), instead of tapioca balls.  Strawberry & Berry Tea with red popping bubbles was a very fancy option I must say. The berry flavor just cheered my mood instantly!  And we had to try Lychee Black Tea with red popping bubbles which everyone claims to be the shows stopper!  There’s absolutely no doubt! It tasted ah-mazing! The combination of iced tea and the flavor of lychee was just right.

The Bubble Fruitea was a real treat when the pearls pop inside the mouth!


The bubble tea was served in plastic cups with sealed covers that could be easily pierced through with the large sized bubble tea/smoothie straws.

We loved everything we tried and thought they have great value for money.

Mabroc is a great place to chill with friends or just to grab yourself a bubble tea at a reasonable price and convenient location.


Overall rating:  9/10

Mabroc Bubble Tea is located at 250/B04/1A, Food court, Liberty Plaza, Colombo 03.

Open weekdays 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM and on weekends 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

For more information you can call them on 076 570 3030


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