Almost 2k17!


Ooh-la-la it’s almost 2k17!! The time of the year where we make those lists of ‘New Year Resolutions’ that we keep for a week and then forget all about… haha yeah, we all do it!

I’m amazed how quickly another year has flown by. I feel as though this year played like a film on fast forward!

This year has been a real, real roller-coaster ride.  Unexpected people, unexpected incidents and challenges, exciting beginnings, sad endings and new hope!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year.  I’m thankful for the many unexpected blessings from God. I’m thankful for all the people who entered my life and made me realize that life is not as easy as it seems and for all the lovely souls for making this year a memorable one!

This year I’ve learnt to love myself better, accept things I can’t change, care for many and love few, smile more than i think i should and be who I want to be, even if not everyone’s going to love it.

2017 sounds so exciting! Fireworks, parties and positive vibe all around you. I just love new beginnings. Fresh starts feel so amazing and I’m always excited to see how God unfolds the story of my life.

Like I said before, every time we step into a new year we make some incredibly long list of resolutions which we don’t really fulfill. So this time I’m going to ditch my long list of New Year Resolutions in favor of a single word. Yes, a single word!

Wholehearted! Wholehearted is a simple word that can make a great difference when applied to every single thing you do, move you make. Whatever you plan to do in this brand New Year, do it wholeheartedly and it would make everything better! Because anything done out of sincere love gives you a completely satisfied outcome.

With that being said; I also hope and wish you guys that 2017 brings you all the love and happiness that 2016 made you think you didn’t deserve!

So here’s to another year of challenges, friends and happiness.

Happy New Year Lovelies!



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