JAM Rolled Ice-Cream – Review


When you speak about rolled food, what comes to my mind are crepes, enchiladas, swiss roll and cinnabons. *oh now my mouth’s watering* 😝😋

But rolled ice cream? It just seems physically impossible. At least considering the weather here…  But that was until a new outlet popped up in Colombo that serves ROLLED ICE CREAM! 

And so, we introduce you to ‘JAM’, a new venture of Café Shaze, that serves one of its kind rolled ice-cream! The latest ‘it’ place in Colombo! Ta daaaa!!! 🎉🎊


Located conveniently down Thimbirigasyaya road, Café Shaze is no newcomer to the industry. JAM operates right next to Café Shaze with an extensive menu from crepes to shakes. You could select their signature rolled ice creams or even customize your own.  (At the moment they serve only rolled ice cream. Others will be available in a few months.) 

2 (2).jpeg

Ambience: 3.5/5


Jam is a simple ice-cream parlour with white brick walls, wood finished paneling, a live station (where all the rolling happens!) and really good lighting! I must say that the colorful lamp shades add the pop of color to the whole place. It can accommodate upto 25 people. A perfect place to hang out with friends and enjoy a unique ice cream experience.

How it’s made?

What’s special about ‘Jam’ is that the ice cream is made right before the customer’s eyes.It is made by pouring cream onto a metal plate cooled to -30C which instantly freezes the cream. A metal scraper is then used to scrape the concoction from spreading. Ingredients such as banana, cookies and Oreo are chopped into the freezing cream according to customer preference. The concoction is then flattened, rolled, squished into a cup, and topped with whipped cream or a topping of your choice.

What we ordered?

Funcky Monkey was something that we noticed had created a liking among most people and we were told it’s one of their best sellers and signature dish too. So we thought why no?!   😇 

And we also wanted to try and create our own rolled ice cream so yes, we did it and it was pretty good I must say!

Funcky Monkey   (500/-)


This is an ice-cream concoction with vanilla as your base ice cream with Nutella and finely chopped banana bringing out a lovely flavor when mixed with rich cream. This is served with some chocolate ganache and whipped cream on top! The ice-cream was creamy, chocolaty and insanely rich in taste. 😍

The Customized Rolled Ice Cream  (500/-)


Step 1 – Base: Vanilla| Chocolate | Rose Milk | Mocha | Soya

Step 2 – Flavours: Oreos | Strawberries | Chocolate (selective) | Banana | Biscuits (selective) | Desiccated coconut | Dates | Raisins   

Step 3 – Drizzle: Marshmallows (selective) | Nutro wafers | Chocolate chips | Oreo | Strawberry |Gummy bears| Stone Chocolate | Fruit Gum |M&Ms |M&M peanuts | Raisins | Bananas

Step 4 – Topping: Caramel syrup | chocolate syrup | Strawberry syrup | Nutella | Whipped cream | Honey | Kitul Pani

Base –Vanilla

Flavours – Banana

Drizzle – Marshmallows

Topping – Caramel Syrup

The base had bits of banana in it which almost tasted like banoffee pie when eaten with the generous dollop of caramel sauce! (the picture shows only a sneak peak of the dollop of caramel sauce!😉) But the marshmallows were kind of hard to bite and chew on. Wonder why?! 🤔

Overall I must say that JAM does a pretty decent job with their rolled ice cream!

Presentation: 4/5

The presentation was minimal. Served in plastic cups with just a squeeze of whipped cream is all.  But hey! The rolled ice cream itself looks good on its own!

Service: 3.5/5

I wouldn’t say our order took too long considering there was only 1 person working at the station. It took about 15-20 mins to get our orders ready.

Tips: The ice cream melts super-fast, so you’ll have to eat it up quick. That really isn’t a hard thing to do, is it?? 😊

Have you tried JAM yet? Do share your rolled ice-cream experiences with me! 

Till next time,

JAM Rolled Ice Cream is located at 65, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5

Open everyday 2:00PM-11:00PM

For further information you can ring them on 011 5 922263

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