Not Your Average Milk Toffee



Anyone looking for a delicious, chewy toffee that tastes almost like fudge but not fudge? Then Nandi’s cashew milk toffees are the bomb!

If you have visited ODEL, I’m sure all of you have, you would have noticed a sweets section in the outlet or display near the counters with sweets in them like cupcakes, coconut ice and milk toffees. If any of you had purchased the cashew milk toffee they sell you know what I’m talking about!

Nandi’s Cashew milk toffees! One of the best takes on traditional Sri Lankan milk toffees and one of the island’s best milk toffees.


Priced at 130 rupees a piece these milk toffees are fairly larger in size to traditional milk toffees. It has a crumbly top and a fudgy consistency in the middle. It breaks into crackling shards that melt into a chewy candy in your mouth.

The main ingredient in this heavenly milk toffee is condensed milk, so it’s no wonder the milk toffee has such a rich milky flavor. I must also add that this milk toffee isn’t overpoweringly sweet either.  And it has a lavish amount of chopped cashew in it which just makes the toffee all the richer!

I love sweets but always try and limit the intake. But this would be one sweet that I’d buy again and again and wouldn’t set a limit!

ODEL is where foreigners do most of their shopping when visiting Sri Lanka, so I’m sure they are a best seller among the foreigners too!

You should really give these heavenly milk toffees a try the next time you visit ODEL.



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